Hand Dyed Wallet [FH020]


A hand dyed version of the billfold wallet. A total of two pockets and two card slots, able to accommodate up to 8 cards. With one compartment for currency.

You will need to pick a primary and secondary colour, even if they’re both the same (in the images, the secondary colour is green).

Each wallet is made to order and can be personalised with a maximum of 5 initials.

If your purchase is a gift, you can leave the first name of the recipient in the checkout box – it won’t go on the item I just like to personalise the packaging! 


Height: 97mm Width: 90mm
Vegetable tanned leather
Bonded polyester thread
Handcrafted in London

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Vegetable-tanned leather is achieved using natural minerals and tannins found in bark, wood, and plants void of heavy metals and chromium. This timely process produces a more eco-friendly hide, renowned for its strength, durability, and distinct characteristics.
Unlike corrected grain leathers, the natural markings of the skin are visible, from fat wrinkles to grazes and insect bites.

Primary Colour

Black, Brown, Green, Navy, Purple, Red, Tan

Secondary Colour

Black, Brown, Green, Navy, Purple, Red, Tan