leather and care

I use a few types of leather in making my accessories and carries, with the majority being vegetable tanned calf or cowhide.

There are a couple of things you should know about the leather I use. Firstly, the process of vegetable tanning produces an eco-friendlier hide because there are no heavy metals like chromium used. Secondly, vegetable-tanned leather is a natural material that shows the animal’s skin structure. Just like human skin, animal hides sometimes show signs of life including stretch marks, fat wrinkles, scars, grazes, and insect bites. These should not be regarded as imperfections.

Maturing with a beautiful patina, leather absorbs moisture whilst retaining its structure and properties. This makes it a dream to work with and, unlike imitation leather, it is a sustainable product that only gets better with age.

All hand-dyed creations are made with vegetable-tanned crust, which is an unfinished leather. I use water and alcohol-based dyes that produce vibrant and vivid finishes. At times you may notice the dye bleed out on the opposite side. Which is entirely normal and a natural occurrence when hand dying.

To protect, keep your carries away from humidity, water, grease and perfumes. Simply wipe with a neutral cloth and you may also nourish with a neutral cream if necessary.

If unsure or need additional information, do send a message and I'll be more than happy to assist.












when things go wrong

I’m ecstatic you have one of my creations, and want you to have and use it for as long as possible.

So, should something go wrong and one of the parts misbehave, I’m happy to repair it without charge. You will however have to cover the delivery costs.

If you damage your Frank Horn goods, I’ll still happily repair it and there may be a little charge. Just get it to me and you’ll also have to cover the return costs.

If you decide at any point to have it repaired by someone else, then I may refuse to accept your items for repair.


there are some rules!
  • Email with pics and why
  • Remove your belongings before sending it in
  • Include your return address within
  • State whether you mind your item being cleaned and conditioned


getting it to me

Send your items to the address below. Once I receive it, I’ll call to confirm and give you an estimate on how long it’ll take to complete the repairs and get back to you.

Studio 8 Icehouse Court
Abbey Road
IG11 7BT