up-cycled army camp bed

money for nothing - BBC UK


This is the second I've undertaken in the spirit of upcycling and repurposing, from the BBC Money for nothing show.

An old British military camp bed, which I transformed and created two new bags from it.

The process of putting this bag together was actually quite simple.
The most important first step was to obviously wash it as I decided to dye the fabric. Which came out better than expected, as the process also gave it an added texture - hooray!

So what we actually have, is a large Tote with a magnetic top clasp. The base is reinforced with full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, with English bridle leather used for the handles. The interior also has a generous slip pocket, plus the two front pockets.

I used pretty much all the material except the steel feet and some trimmings. All in all the result is quite a similar structure to my classic large tote bag, except the majority of the material here, is canvas.