explorer backpack

craft design house - SCOTLAND

Isobel Whyte Collection

The explorer backpack was a wonderful collaboration between myself, the craft design house, Carlowrie castle, and the The Royal Royal Scottish Geographical Society.
Honouring Isobel Wylie Hutchinson, an accomplished explorer and botanist.

With a stylish water bottle holder, compartments for maps, sketchbooks or even laptops, and plenty of sturdy leather to protect your precious belongings, you’ll be ready for anything.

It was great creating a concept based on such an interesting character. This project reflects and celebrates the life of Isobel Wylie Hutchison, an exceptional explorer, botanist, polyglot, poet, and writer who grew up at the castle.
The project seeks to reconnect Carlowrie Castle with its heritage and to find space for reflection on and admiration for this exceptional woman who downplayed the challenge of her experiences and succeeded quietly, her joy the adventure rather than fame.